You'll Require Vority Dual Wall USB Charger For Your Gizmo

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Thanks to the recent advancements in technology, people can now do things quicker than before. This is a fact that many of the companies nowadays have taken advantage of - a 50% drop in production time equals 50% increase of expected products.

Perhaps, hitting two birds with one stone will stay as a habit for many, and that’s why it’s very crucial to multitask. A lot of things can be missed even in just a blink of an eye. Luckily, the Vority dual USB wall charger knows this pretty well.

The Vority USB charger is targeted at a market of people who are always on the go; people whose jobs require them to move and carry their important files, properties, and work gadgets (laptops, tablets, and smartphones) from one place to another. This amazing dual USB wall charger is the answer to one of the most common problems of the busy people – keeping their gadgets fully-charged.

Made from materials of excellent grade, the Vority dual wall charger can withstand unintentional falls, shocks, and even the highest temperatures. Despite this, it’s still stylish, highly portable, lightweight, and it doesn’t produce noise while charging. Plus, those who carry it even after a few rounds of charging won’t feel any kind of heat, as it keeps itself heat-free even while plugged in!

The Vority iPhone wall usb charger has two ports – the first one rated at 2.4 amps, currently the standard charging current for the latest generation of gadgets, including the newly-released iPad 4 and iPad Air. This port also covers the standard charging current of the earlier versions of these gadgets like iPad 3 (which is capped at 2.1 amps).

Another port of this dual USB wall charger, while also able to charge other tablets, is capped at 1 amp – perfect for charging smartphones and other similarly-size gadget. It can also be used for charging other electronic gadgets that has USB charging capabilities.

The Vority charger, unlike other brands, is able to charge two gadgets without sharing power, ensuring that one port is only allocated to one gadget. This enables the dual USB charger to power up two gadgets at the fastest and fullest speed possible.

The Vority dual charger is actually a universal accessory, which enables users to charge a variety of gadgets, and even under different brands – smartphones, digital cameras, GPS trackers, Bluetooth earphones / headsets, and even extended battery cases and power banks.

The best thing about the Vority USB charger is its smart technology of not overcharging batteries. This great gadget automatically stops charging when it detects full battery, preventing potential battery overheating. No worries about overnight and unguarded charges from now on with this wall charger!

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