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Here is how the word cloud of the Stoos Rhein-Main satellite about Stewardship of the living was made:

Our process, from the original Xing page.

  • we discussed the topic Stewardship of the living and
  • as we discussed we captured key words on postits. Anyone could contribute.
  • we collected them on a flipchart
  • at the end of the discussion, everyone was given a fixed number of "dots" (perhaps 5?) and invited to show which words were most important to them, by marking one (or multiple) dots on that word's postit with a marker.
  • the dots were counted and used to weight (i.e. to size) the words for the word cloud - except for "Stewardship of the Living" which we did not vote on, it was made arbitrarily larger to serve as a title.

Create your own at http://www.wordle.net/advanced

Example: StewardshipOfTheLiving-RheinMain.jpg

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