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Wiki gardening is a term that emerged on the original C2 wiki , referring to the practice of nurturing a wiki by doing some or all of: seeding pages and categories, correcting small errors, building upon newcomers' contributions by doing light formatting, "weed-control" etc.. It may be useful to have a wiki tool shed, where we describe a number of concepts and techniques relating to wiki gardening.

As we work together, we can grow our own definition of these terms that are congruent with and express our views about we can work together in a particularly Stoosian way.

Gardening Metaphor

There is a sense in which processes like construction of wikis, programming, preparing the manuscripts for, or preparation of, a Dissertation, and other such efforts, can be metaphorically related to the processes used in gardening. See

What does it entail?

A WikiGardener plants things, tend, prunes, tidies and generally nurtures. A WikiGnome fixes small flaws and does little maintenance jobs. Both are essential.

From AntonyWilson on the original C2 wiki (from: ) : "I find that in the early stages wikis need some "gardening". Like plants, it's important that you have fertile soil. I liken fertile soil to a community that is willing to share and communicate (few wikis can grow in barren soil). ... I generally use the following steps:

  1. Till the soil by expressing the need for communication, such as: the need for a forum to discuss pertinent issues; the need for "persisting thoughts", so that we don't lose information in this brief random conversations we have with one another; the need to a complete perspective on ideas and issues; etc
  2. Plant the wiki A brief orientation to wikis and how they work.
  3. Water the wiki Sprinkle it with some pertinent topics. It helps if you talk with others first to get some ideas and encourage them to wikify a topic.
    • WikiWatering is deliberately selecting what you believe are pertinent topics for the community and creating branches (WikiWords) or Categories (see top of this page in Edit mode) primarily for the sake for showing the community (or nurturing) all the possibilities of wiki. WikiWatering helps people see the power of a wiki, and thereby helps the wiki grow. Not being able to envision the variety of ways a wiki can be used seems to be one of primary reasons WhyDontOthersGetWiki."
  4. do some Wiki Weeding

Who are our wiki gardeners?

well, we can start a list. (add yourself by typing ~ four times)

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