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A company's customer service should be just as impressive as the quality of its item. This kind of service is done before and after a purchase which includes a series of several activities which boost customer satisfaction. Merchandise sold online, like coffee for instance, should have customer support that shows the company's genuine concern about a customer's satisfaction with what he/she just bought.

Experience Beyond Expectations

One of the most basic factors of customer support is giving the customer an experience beyond his/her expectations. Knowing the product being provided should 2nd skin to the adept customer support agent of a company. When a customer's questions are inadequately answered or just plain unanswered, the likelihood of losing that customer is high.

And because there's such a thing called word of mouth, one disappointed customer can increase tenfold quicker in such a short time. This chain reaction can cost the company significant revenue. If the product is consumable, for instance, customer support should be even more informative and prompt.

Client Satisfaction: Selling's Main Purpose

Neville's Artisan Coffee provides outstanding customer support service with their site's contact page at http://nevillescoffee.com. A client fills the form on this page with his/her name, email address, subject, and message and waits a Neville's team member to get in touch with him/her within 24 hrs. Pleased customers make repeat purchases and often go out of their way to refer the purchased product to others. Neville's Artisan Coffee has actually recognized since its establishment in 1991 that customer satisfaction is the main purpose of selling.

For instance, Neville's Artisan Coffee does not sell any of its coffee products on their company's website which a skilled customer support agent would know and make a point to tell a customer. This same customer support agent would then inform the customer regarding the web links amazon.com and explains to the customer how he/she can purchase Neville's coffees from there, giving out the additional information that Neville's coffees are shipped free and sold exclusively Amazon's site.

Neville's Over-Delivers

Customer satisfaction is, admittedly, difficult to attain because pleasing everybody each time or all the time is practically impossible. But because a firm needs to have a majority of satisfied customers, this element of satisfaction for customers can best be offered by "over delivering". Neville’s Artisan Coffee has always “over delivered” the health and environmental benefits of its coffees, from the way the crops are cultivated without using pesticides and chemicals to the way the beans are harvested by man to its sterling reputation as the holder of Fair Trade and USDA Organic Certifications.

Providing Convenient Satisfaction.

Neville's coffees are all made from ONE HUNDRED % Arabica beans using only natural and organic processes. Their "freshness guaranteed" policy-- a customer's money back with no questions asked if he/she had not been satisfied with a purchase-- has, so far, not been contested because Nevilles coffee have always kept their impeccable quality.

With the recent introduction of their two-pound bags that last until the next purchase, you save time when you acquire Neville's coffee products which, incidentally, are shipped free and delivered right at your doorstep. Going the extra mile for its customers with its accessible customer support, Neville's is not just selling you coffee products, it's providing you with convenient satisfaction.

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