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I (Peter Stevens) have been asked to give a short talk at the Conférence Agile in Paris this month to introduce the Stoos Network/Movement. To me, Stoos is above all the people who are seeking to catalyzes this change in Management and I would like to present the people, Satellites and activities around the world that make up Stoos today.

Could you create a page about, you, your group/satellite and any events you have planned of other things you intend to do in the next three to six months. Please include a medium resolution picture. Thanks!

I will be giving my talk on May 22, 2013, so if you are going to contribute something, please do it today! Thanks!

I have created an entry for myself and added three other people who I think should be in this list. I have sent them an email and asked them to pass it forward. Just click on 'edit' to edit this page or click on a link to add content to your page.

List of Stoosians and Stoos Satellites:

Please add yourself and your group, then invite 3 others to do so!
Edit this page to add your name in double square parens, save the page, then click your name to edit your own userpage!

Individuals and their projects

alphabetical by first (I.e. given) name

These people have participated in various aspects of the Stoos Network. Please add yourself if you support our vision and are acting to move it forward, in whatever way. Are you changing your world of work? Add your name!
wandering organizer of Stoos Beers

Satellites and related groups, by alphabetical country

Add yours! Or update what's here. Red links are incomplete: waiting for you to create a details page, where you could link to your contact info or show the results of past meetings. Heck, you can do all your Satellite communication on this wiki if you want!
What is a Satellite?


Stoos Beers
Stoos Network on LinkedIn
Stoos Values (a small Stoos Squad )
Stoos Sparks (a Stoos Squad focused on orchestrating great conversations and capturing them on Youtube!)


Stoos Melbourne Satellite


Stoos Vienna Satellite


Stoos Sao Paolo Satellite


Stoos Ottawa Satellite


Stoos Shanghai Satellite


Stoos Copenhagen Satellite


Stoos Paris Satellite


Stoos Berlin Satellite
Stoos Hamburg Satellite also known as Denk an Stoos
Stoos Munich Satellite
Stoos Rhein-Main Satellite


Stoos Italian Satellite


Stoos Satellite Netherlands

New Zealand

Stoos Wellington Satellite


Stoos Warsaw Satellite


Stoos Madrid Satellite


Stoos Geneva Satellite
Stoos Lausanne Satellite
Stoos Zurich Satellite

United Kingdom ( UK )

Stoos London Satellite
Stoos Manchester Satellite

United States

Stoos Chicago Satellite
Stoos Denver Satellite
Stoos New York City Satellite
Stoos San Francisco Satellite
Stoos Washington D.C. Satellite

Is yours missing? Or is the associated page missing? It's up to you to make changes here.

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