While NFC Payments Are Postponed Keep Your Payment Cards Secure

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NFC is not equaling its promise as a payments solution. A current write-up from the Calgary Herald brings this to the public in a really clear way. They point out that "NFC is a technology, not a system or a solution." They go on to point out "While it can provide secure and fast mobile payment transactions, there's a lot more that needs to be at play before mobile payments are viable."

We agree with them completely. Switching out cash and the ubiquitous payment cards will certainly take more than merely a technology. Their declaration that "... there's the smartphones and tablets that can interface with merchant terminals while keeping their owner's information secure. That's the part of the equation that exists today, but without a unified system and merchant adoption, it can't go very far."

Numerous companies are researching pieces of the overall solution. The various strategies are not always compatible and merely leave the purchasing public puzzled.

At the same time, the article explains that "Without mobile payments using NFC taking off, many Smartphone manufacturers have now been left to find new and creative ways to deploy NFC technology for more consumer-oriented uses." We recognize that and see several fascinating applications getting to the marketplace that are appealing to customers.

Therefore, we anticipate more Smartphones in the field equipped with NFC. Each of these gadgets can be a hazard to your cards and information. It is an easy task to set up an application on one of these phones to then be able to scan the identifying information from your cards, also while they are in your pocket, wallet, bag or purse!

Our RFID blocking sleeves secure your information and help avoid Identity Theft and scams. They are readily available on the Amazon eMarketplace.

We really think they are "The Best Way to Keep Your Data Where It Belongs!".

You can read the write-up here.

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