What do we stand for?

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Why define What do we stand for?

Sometimes we are asked: what are you guys stand for? Then everyone starts explaining in his own words what brought him to Stoos movement. I, Dariusz, have a need of ease, simplicity and vision. I wish we had a few clear statements which we strongly identify with, and can 'recite' to sketch a general picture.

Latest Proposal

In General

We discover and support working culture
which, in general, value:
clarity, freedom and contribution
over sustenance, safety and order.

We leverage: care, understanding and belonging, to make value shift possible.
We stand behind environment which empowers creative economy and unlocks human potential.
Environment which we, humans, are longing and ready for.

In Specific

In specific, we understand values as:

CARE: dignity, equality, positive regard, support, respect
UNDERSTANDING: acceptance, communication , consideration, openness, receptivity, sensitivity
BELONGING: companionship, inclusion, participation, partnership

CLARITY: focus, learning, discovery, meaning, vision, wisdom
FREEDOM: authenticity, honesty, creativity, growth, autonomy, empowerment
CONTRIBUTION: achievement, gratitude, team work, cooperation, effectiveness, purpose, skill, innovation, inspiration

We also consider sustenance, safety and order as a foundation for creative environments in following meaning:

SUSTENANCE: balance, health, wellness, vitality
SAFETY: comfort, confidence, protection from harm, trust
ORDER: consistency, dependability, harmony, peace, responsibility, wholeness


Universal human needs and values; Non-violent Communication.

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