Vority Battery Case for iPhone 5 and 5s Can Fix it

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Apple’s iPhone is one of the prominent smart phones nowadays. Professionals can be seen using the iPhone since its specifications and features suit their needs and lifestyle. However, because it is inevitable to use your iPhone from time to time, its battery life will drain quickly. For an intensive iPhone user, recharging his iPhone twice a day is a norm, but for the working people who cannot recharge their phones all the time, it is a problem.

surfing through the internet can give you tips on how to make your iPhone’s battery life last longer. It can give you a little help but doesn’t really give a solution to your problem. One solution can be an external battery pack. You can bring it to the office, in a meeting or anywhere you are, but it is not as handy as an iPhone 5s power battery case.

The Vority X5S iPhone 5 battery case is probably the best solution yet to let your iPhone’s battery life last long. It is helpful to all iPhone5/5s users especially to those professionals who work all day and need to keep their phones fully charged.

Different brands of iPhone 5/5s best iPhone 5s charger case have been provided to the market to cater to all the iPhone5/5s users to eliminate their battery problems. The only problem of the consumer is how to get a good brand of iPhone 5/5s battery case. Take a look at the Vority X5S iPhone 5/5s Battery Charger Case. The iPhone 5/5s has 1440 mAh non-removable Li-polymer battery which can last up to 225 hours on standby, up to eight hours on talk-time and up to 40 hours on music play. The Vority X5S iPhone 5/5s battery case has a built-in 2400 mAh Li-polymer rechargeable external battery that gives your iPhone 130 percent extra battery life. It is a battery case that purports to be a savior by giving your phone an additional 255 hours on standby, up to eight hours on talk-time, up to 40 hours on music play, up to 10 hours of video play and up to 8 hours on surfing in 3G. The slim designed case has a length of 5.39 inches, a width of 2.45 inches and a height of 0.65 inches. It weighs 2.88 ounces which makes it very handy to all. Moreover, this fashionable external power bank is available in white and black and has seven colorful spare frames which are in blue, red, slate, green, smoke, pink and purple. How cool is that? You can change the frames every day to fit your mood and your style.

With the Vority X5S Vority iPhone 5 and 5s battery power case, in just two and a half hours you can fully recharge your iPhone 5/5s without using your 8-pins lightning cable which means you can enjoy your iPhone throughout the day without worrying about your battery usage. Also, it is protected from scratches and dirt since it is a multi-purpose iPhone case.

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