The Wonders of Green Tea Extract

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Green tea is derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and isknown to have come from China. The Chinese have long appreciated its benefits and for thousands of years it has been a staple in the Chinese diet. There are even many books written in China explaining how to best prepare and serve it. It is so central to life in nations such as China and Japan it is a important part of many traditional events in society. Chinese medicine has understood for a long time that green tea has excellent health benefits. We understand now in North America that green tea delivers strong antioxidants which battle free radicals in the body and thus slow down cell damage as we age. Green tea extract is formed by soaking the tea leaves in an aqueous solution. After this procedure called strong infusion, it is concentrated to 40-50 % solids when it is dehydrated and turned into powder.

The wonder Ingredient in Green Tea

Western has discovered that there may be strong health benefits because of the catechins located in the leaf of the green tea plant. Catechins are a chemical compound called polyphenols which are found only in plants. One of these catechetins, EGCG, appears to have a positive effect on the body's T-cells, a integral component of our immune system. research shows that EGCG stimulates the growth of these T-cells.

The antioxidant characteristics of green tea catechins are also very strong. This is fanastic for every single cell in our bodies because antioxidants support receptor sensitivity and inter cellular signaling, allowing the body's cells to transfer nutrients far more efficiency which is great for health at a cellular level.

Types of Green Tea Extract

Supplements-- This is the most typical type of green tea extract. Depending on an individual'spreference, you can go with a capsule or pill. Most individuals choose this due to the fact that it's easy and to get the same health benefits from just drinking green tea would require approximately 15 cups a day. Tea-- For individuals who are not into pills or capsules, drinking tea can be a great option. Simply add hot water and it's ready. however you need to drink a lot daily to get the same health benefits that a supplement offers.

Wellness Advantages of Green Tea Extract

Stops cancer cells-- According to the American Cancer Society, test tube research studies proved that catachins in green tea aid stop the generation of new blood vessels that provide blood to cancer cells. Another study also revealed that Asian-American women taking green tea on a regular basis have lower risk of breast cancer than those who do not.

It's no surprise that many health care professionals recommmend Green Tea Extract Supplements in treatment programs

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