Stewardship of the living

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A question that often arises, when people first encounter the Stoos Communique is:

"What is "stewardship of the living" ?"

 There has to be a better way.
 ...We believe that we have uncovered some common characteristics 
 of that better way. For example, that organizations can become 
 learning networks of individuals creating value and that 
 the role of leaders should include the stewardship of the living 
 rather than the management of the machine...
 -- the the Stoos Communique, January 2012

What does this phrase inspire for you?

The Rhein-Main wordcloud:

In April 2013 the Stoos Rhein-Main Satellite group documented key words from their own exploration of this topic, in German. Many sutbleties of implicit meaning were discussed, so a lot would be lost in translating it.

We enjoyed the conversation, it gave us a lot of energy. We encourage you to make your own word cloud

StewardshipOfTheLiving-RheinMain.jpg --Dpreuss (talk) 14:28, 23 April 2013 (CEST)

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