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The Stoos Rhein-Main satellite group.

In April 2013 we documented our own exploration of the phrase Stewardship of the living in German, by creating a Word cloud of key concepts.

In May 2013, we met again to discuss various topics. We decided to set up a blog, and come up with a variety of different visions for what a "stoosian" company might look like. As this is a big topic, we will look at separate aspects individually. The first aspect or sub-topic is employee compensation. We planned to meet again on the 10th of June to compare our visions. Our flip chart notes are available here: Das stoosische Unternehmen

We now have a blog: Stoos network satellite Rhein-Main and a Google+ page: Stoos network - satellite Rhein Main

We also have a LinkedIn group: Stoos Satellite Rhein-Main

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