Protect Your Baby Mattress with a Crib Mattress Pad

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When a new baby arrives, most parents go a bit crazy buying everything they can lay their hands on at the local Babies R' Us. However, many baby purchases are unneeded, therefore to economize, parents are urged to buy just the essentials for their newborn. Then add to the baby gear as necessary. Remembering the basics is important. Think of what a baby will need for its first year of life. Clothes, bibs, and especially diapers are necessary on a daily basis, but what about furniture or other items which will be with your baby for a couple of years? A solid and study crib, changing table, crib mattress, and crib mattress pad will help with your baby's comfort. Most parents are aware of the use of a changing table and crib, but many parents don't know the value of a mattress pad.

Comfort for baby is key. When Tumpety Tots designed their mattress pad, they focused on the practical needs of both baby and parent. Baby mattress covers function to protect the crib mattress against diaper leaks, spills and other fluids. But Tumpety Tots went beyond that, designing a waterproof layer on the cover to sit directly on the mattress. The polyester fill and cotton top provides a soft bed for baby, while protecting the mattress. The quilted detailing provides a gentle, comfortable bed for babies, but also gives the cover a firm construction that won't bunch up after washing. Consumers on love the way the pad is constructed, noting “it's very smooth and well-made” and that the “feel is very soft and luxurious.”

Keeping parents' concerns in mind, baby crib mattress cover keep the mattress protected from stains, mold, mildew, dust mites, and other allergens. Tumpety Tots' waterproof crib mattress pad is recommended for new parents because it is easy to care for. Parents only need to wash and hang the mattress pad to dry, or fluff dry, and it’s as simple as that. Using a mattress pad reduces wear and tear on the mattress itself. Tumpety Tots considered every aspect of a baby mattress cover to develop a durable and plush baby mattress pad.

When shopping for new baby essentials, parents need to consider the value added to their crib mattress when they purchase a quality mattress cover like the Happy Sleep Quilted Cotton Mattress Pad from Tumpety Tots.

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