Product Line Being Extended; Will Include Passport Jackets

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You may be interested to know that CARMick Products announced an addition to its ID Preserver products. On a launch date yet to be identified, CARMick Products will put its "ID Preserver Combo Pack" on sale. New to the ID Preserver line is the "Passport ID Preserver"; a passport jacket or holder. In this combo set, 2 of these sleeves will be integrated with 10 of the formerly offered "Card ID Preserver" wallet card holders.

I know that the card and passport holders are an answer to the risks of identity theft and fraud connected to the act of scanning cards or documents with unauthorized devices. Such devices will often be in the form of a modern-day Smartphone, including the 'Near Field Communications' or 'NFC' function.

Evidence of and response to the social and personal expenses of these criminal offenses is seen all over. As a growing number of individuals fall victim to them, jurisdictions everywhere are setting up unique teams and units. These resources consist of individuals specifically educated in patching back together people's lives. Lives that have been shattered by the results of the activities undertaken by lawbreakers using their names and life stories.

CARMick Products will update us closer to the launch event regarding final prices and any planned Launch Event promos or offers that may additionally include the existing product in the line.

The cost of these items and their genuine value to individuals carrying them make them excellent Holiday Season gifts or birthday presents. Think about securing individuals you care about!

You can see the Amazon listing for the set of RFID blocking credit card and passport holders today. I see that a rough price is in place to allow people to make plans for gift-giving over the Holidays in a relatively few short weeks. For the time being, the 10-packs of company’s Card ID Preserver Credit Card Holders continue to be on sale.

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