Picture Everyday Life Without Color Just How Colors Influence The Path We Live

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Can you visualize daily life without any color? Everything will be obviously lifeless and uninteresting. This is because colors are simply part of our daily lives and in some cases are used to distinguish us.

The influence of color is seen early in the life of a child. For example, some parents paint their little girl's bedroom with a pink color to show feminine attributes and blue for boys to suggest maleness. On a daily basis you hear somebody use colors to illustrate feelings and perceptions such as "He's green with envy", "I feel blue", "His face is red with anger", etc. The impact of color is found in nearly all fields of life; the way we dress, how we renovate our houses and even how we analyze things with various colors. This post offers some ideas on how colors perform significant roles in our lives.

Displaying Emotions

Colors have been for decades used to show feelings. When folks are mourning, dispirited or experiencing some unfortunate situations, they commonly dress in black, grey or other dark colors. Blue is used to indicate security, peacefulness and serenity and green is associated with jealousy and envy. When people are in the mood for love, as it is seen during valentine's celebrations, they dress in red. Yellow is related to cheerfulness and dignity, passion and realness is demonstrated by purple.

Gift of flowers

At times we decide to take flowers to our good friends and loved ones to show romance, gratitude, respect and also to pass many other different types of messages. The color of the blooms you choose should represent the message you intend to pass. For example you can take a red flower to your partner to show romance, passion and love. When sending flowers, it is essential to completely understand their color definition to prevent sending wrong messages to people as this can lead to confusion.

Beautifying our properties

Colors are used in every part of the globe for sprucing up homes and offices. If a great mix of colors is selected, the structure looks sophisticated and captivating. Some properties are repainted in certain colors as a result of their heritage and traditions. You may have also realized that some associations use specific colors for their building. This is their brand color and is what they relate to. In your house, the color of your home furnishings should blend well in order to create a peaceful and attractive atmosphere for you and your family.

Wedding day colors

Different people select various color themes for their wedding ceremonies. The color you opt for may depict a good or a bad image for your affair. It is therefore important to be careful and select a great combination which will brighten the day up and bring happiness to everyone. For example warm colors create excitement while cool colors have a relaxing effect. Black for men is used to illustrate modern, formal, sexy and sophistication, while the bride is dressed in white to show purity.

These are just a few samples of how colors influence the way we live. Even nature is determined by colors. When it is all green, everyone is cheerful and wishes to walk around to enjoy the nature. This means that colors are part of us and life will be really dull without them.

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