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I have a Casio Men's PAW2000-1CR Pathfinder for several months and I intend to give an account of some of its benefits and shortcomings.

I wanted to buy a nice watch that will last about 5-6 years and that will be easy to service. I hesitated for a while because the variety of types and models can make the choice really difficult. I learnt a lot about solar-powered watches and I wished to get one.

Solar watches have solar cells and operate with free energy from the sun or some artificial source of light. When sufficiently charged, their secondary battery can proceed a long time in the dark. Moreover you don't have to change the battery and thereby you help in preserving the environment.

Why to buy a Casio wristwatch? There are a great number of more inexpensive solar watches from nameless manufacturers but I was looking not only for a nice and useful watch but I desired a guarantee for quality. Therefore I decided to take a watch from a famous company in the branch. I selected Casio Men's PAW2000-1CR Pathfinder and I don't regret it. The watch looks very well, it's comfortable and easy to set up.

The first and most important thing I expect from a watch is accuracy. Casio atomic watches get radio waves from the atomic clocks in institutes in US, UK, Germany, Japan and China. I travel often and now the wristwatch will automatically set the time for me. I'm confident that wherever I go, the displayed time will be right all the time. Even without signal adjustment the error is no more than -/+ 20 seconds per month and I'm happy that I'll never need to adjust the time.

Casio Men's PAW2000-1CR Pathfinder is a nice sporty casual watch. I enjoy its thin and elegant design. It looks beautiful on the wrist and furthermore it's lighter than I expected. At the same time I know that this is a tough watch and it can face different challenges. Casio solar watches are water, low temperature and shock-resistant so you can use them under all circumstances.

This particular watch is great for sports like jogging, hunting, hiking, fishing, etc. The watch has many functions (compass, altimeter, thermometer, calendar, timers, and alarms) and the majority of them operate really well. The compass is trustworthy for finding the right way and the barometer forecasts weather changes. I must admit that the altimeter is not always accurate but after all it may be used for reference.

I would like to mention two unimportant shortcomings. The first one is the alarm - it's pretty low and I can't always hear it, particularly in a busy street. The second one is the thermometer that doesn't operate well when the watch is on the wrist. If you want to get the right temperature, you must take it off and leave it for some time.

In summary: I greatly recommend Casio Men's PAW2000-1CR Pathfinder if you want to have an accurate multifunctional wristwatch for sports and travels. This solar watch is nice and comfortable and has many useful features for outdoor activities.

Before getting a wristwatch I'd made an examination in Internet and learnt some interesting facts about solar watches. If you want to read beneficial information that will help you to purchase a watch, you can go to my website at

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