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When you first start out with mountain biking, it could be a bit frustrating when you walk into a bike shop to buy your initial mountain bike and see all of the readily available add-ons you'll require when you first start riding.

There are a number of mountain biking add-ons and associated products that you could purchase. Although the sales staff will attempt to offer you everything they can, the real thing for those on a budget isn't really what's cool, but what add-ons you need to make your rides more enjoyable and risk-free. By starting with these add-ons, you'll be just fine when you venture out on the trails.

Bike helmet The bike helmet (arguably) is the most vital mountain biking accessory that you could buy. No one ought to ever ride a bike without head protection. There have actually been many individuals that have actually experienced major head trauma, when it could possibly have been stopped by wearing a helmet. All mountain bike helmets are stylish and comfy and everyone that rides on the trails ought to wear one.

Mountain bike gloves Whatever period you cycle in, your hands could take a beating. Beginners will generally keep a death hold on the handle bars, which could be really brutal on their hands. When you crash, your hands will be the initial thing to strike the ground - and every person wipes out eventually. Mountain bike gloves are a must have accessory, as they will take the beating for you.

Mountain bike shorts After the initial couple of mountain bike rides you take, you'll see that your back end will be very sore. Although your body will adjust, bike shorts are terrific to have as they will help to keep the soreness at a bare minimum. You could get shorts that are really comfy, making them an excellent addition to your mountain biking trip.

Mountain bike footwear Depending on the kind of pedals you have and the kind of riding you do, you'll want to pick your mountain bike footwear accordingly. You'll want to get footwear to accept the unique cleat for your pedals if your bike has the clipless type of pedals. Excellent mountain bike footwear is durable, comfy, as well as have a stiff sole for better efficiency when pedaling. Also, you ought to make certain to obtain the appropriate shoe for the terrain you'll be riding in too.

Eye protection If you get something in your eye, you could go off the path in a matter of secs. Sunglasses or clear lensed glasses could help keep your eyes safe from debris and shield them from the wind. Make certain they are non-breakable when you buy your glasses.

Hydration system Bringing a water container or hydration backpack with you is definitely an excellent idea. It's really easy to get dehydrated so you should always bring water with you and consume it on the path to ensure that your body stays appropriately hydrated at all times.

Biking repair kit It's easy to get stuck in the woods or on the path if you don't bring the proper repair kit for your bike. To be on the safer side, bring a multi-tool designed for bike repair, tire bars, and a patch kit for dealing with flat tires. Of course you’ll require a bike tire pump to inflate your tire tube after you have fixed it.

As you can see, you need to make sure that you always have a bike tire pump

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