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Welcome to the Stoos Wiki !

Recent Activity:

What is a Wiki?

   "A wiki (WIK-ee) is a website which invites all users 
   to edit any page or to create new pages within the 
   wiki Web site, using only a plain-vanilla Web browser 
   without any extra add-ons. Most are created collaboratively. more: What is a Wiki

Wikis are often adopted by agile teams to remove communication bottlenecks and allow team information to be added or updated in real time by any trusted member of a team. Some teams also hold asynchronous discussions on their wikis.

Why a Wiki?

Starting Points

tell us who you are - click your userid at the top of the page to edit your user page.

check out what is active on the wiki:

find out who else is here, and what they've contributed:

Accomplish a task from the Wishlist

Help clean up spam: see Wiki Weeding and keep reading for more about Gardening.

"Gardeners" Wanted

"I find that in the early stages wikis need some "gardening". Like plants, it's important that you have fertile soil. I liken fertile soil to a community that is willing to share and communicate (few wikis can grow in barren soil). ..." -- AntonyWilson (on the original WikiWiki )

A WikiGardener plants things, tend, prunes, tidies and generally nurtures. A WikiGnome fixes small flaws and does little maintenance jobs. Both roles are essential parts of stewarding a wiki, keeping it alive and healthy. More on this under WikiGardening .

Help on using the Wiki

If unsure, you can experiment in the Sandbox before editing an existing page.

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