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* [[Special:Categories]]
* [[Special:Categories]]
* [[Recent Pages]]
* [[Recent Pages]]
* [[What do we stand for?]]
'''find out who else is here''', and what they've contributed:
'''find out who else is here''', and what they've contributed:

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[edit] Welcome to the Stoos Wiki !

[edit] Recent Activity:

[edit] What is a Wiki?

   "A wiki (WIK-ee) is a website which invites all users 
   to edit any page or to create new pages within the 
   wiki Web site, using only a plain-vanilla Web browser 
   without any extra add-ons. Most are created collaboratively.
   ...read more: What is a Wiki

Wikis are often adopted by agile teams to remove communication bottlenecks and allow team information to be added or updated in real time by any trusted member of a team. Some teams also hold asynchronous discussions on their wikis.

[edit] Why a Wiki?

[edit] Starting Points

tell us who you are - click your userid at the top of the page to edit your user page.

check out what is active on the wiki:

find out who else is here, and what they've contributed:

Accomplish a task from the Wishlist

Help clean up spam: see Wiki Weeding and keep reading for more about Gardening.

[edit] "Gardeners" Wanted

"I find that in the early stages wikis need some "gardening". Like plants, it's important that you have fertile soil. I liken fertile soil to a community that is willing to share and communicate (few wikis can grow in barren soil). ..." -- AntonyWilson (on the original WikiWiki http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiWatering )

A WikiGardener plants things, tend, prunes, tidies and generally nurtures. A WikiGnome fixes small flaws and does little maintenance jobs. Both roles are essential parts of stewarding a wiki, keeping it alive and healthy. More on this under WikiGardening .

[edit] Help on using the Wiki

If unsure, you can experiment in the Sandbox before editing an existing page.

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