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Real ways you can get hit and real ways to prevent them. This is a far cry from normal cycling safety information, which usually recommend you little more than to use your bicycle helmet and to follow the rules. But consider this for a moment: Wearing a bicycle helmet will do absolutely nothing to avoid you from getting hit by an automobile. Sure, helmets could help you if you get hit, but your # 1 goal ought to be to avoid getting struck in the first place. A lot of cyclists are killed by automobiles even though they were wearing helmets. Actually, if they had bicycled without helmets, yet followed the recommendations from the series of issued information, they could still be alive today. Don't succumb to the misconception that wearing a bicycle helmet is the first and last word in cycling safety. In reality, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of remedy. It's better to not get struck to begin with. That's what real bicycle safety has to do with.

The next most typical bike safety recommendations after "use a helmet" is "obey the law," but the majority of individuals are currently conscious that it's dumb to go through a red light when there's on-coming traffic. So the "follow the law" recommendations isn't that valuable because it's too obvious. Exactly what you'll find below are a number of circumstances that perhaps aren't that obvious.

The other problem with the "obey the rules" statement is that individuals may think that's all they should do. But following the law is not enough to keep you safe, not at all. Below's an example: The law tells you to ride as far over to the right as is practicable. But if you ride too far to the right, somebody leaving a parked automobile might open their door right in front of you, and you'll be less visible to drivers pulling out of driveways and parking lots, and drivers coming from behind may pass you way too tightly in the exact same lane because you didn't make them alter lanes. In each of these scenarios you were following the law, but you made it easier for yourself to get run over. These series of pages and articles does not focus on the law, it concentrates on the best ways to not get struck by automobiles. Now let's see the best ways to avoid getting struck.

Article sponsored by http://www.Geared2U.com and used with permission from http://www.BicycleSafe.com by Michael Bluejay.

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