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There are a lot of things that can go wrong on a vacation, but probably none as annoying as losing battery for your phone or tablet in the middle of nowhere. Without the ability to make calls, navigate the GPS installed on your devices, play games, or take pictures, you are left worried about what you're missing out on: Is there an emergency call you can't take? That marvelous sight on the road is great , but without a camera, how can you take a photo for posterity? Long hours on the road can be boring, but how can you cure such boredom if your tablet has ran out of juice to play your favorite games?

We've all been there, and figuring out a way to get our gadgets charged is both a waste of time and a counterproductive exercise. Limited battery capacity is certainly one of the limitations we have to deal with in so far as our devices are concerned. But this should not get in the way of our productivity or fun. If anything, it's something that we should always be mindful of and always be ready for.

So when out on the road, an excellent tool to have is the Vority Duo31CC dual car charger usb. As its name suggests, this thing allows you to charge two of your devices simultaneously. It is a charger that comes with universal USB ports that can accommodate gadgets from all major manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, and Kindle, among others. This usb dual car charger is a compact charger with a sleek design that's lightweight and very portable -- something that you can keep in your bag or in the car's compartment for easy storage and use.

And get this: the great Vority car charger usb works despite extremes in temperature. So whether it's too cold for comfort (-4 degrees Fahrenheit) or unbearably hot (122 degrees Fahrenheit), this tool works just fine. It does not overheat either; it switches to minimal charging current once the batteries if the devices are full, and it automatically ceases working once it detects over current or over voltage. With all its powerful features, you certainly get the most out of what it can offer.

What's even better is that the radio, WiFi, or bluetooth are not affected while your devices are plugged in. Add that with the 85 percent high charging efficiency of the car charger and you get very minimal down time, with all your gadgets ready for use with the least amount of inconvenience.

In the end, despite what other people say about our excessive attachment to our gadgets, such as our phones or tablets, their usefulness can't be denied. From planning itineraries to checking train schedules all the way to taking snapshots of the awesome sights along the way, our gadgets provide us a way to be more productive and creative. So take pictures, play games, be productive, and more! And don't forget that USB car charger so that the fun never stops.

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