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The Vority DUO34AC is a USB dual wall charger was created by Vorito for Amazon. This wall charger is light weight and compact, weighing only 92 grams. This charger’s dimension is pegged at 2.6 inches by 2.1 inches by 1.1 inches. This dual USB wall charger has a bendable prong that is hidden when not in use. This charger is made of heat-resistant and fire-proof materials so it is completely safe for the home. When in use, the Vority DUO34AC can be as hot as 32 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit. Charging automatically stops when the battery is full, so this charger can save you the hassle of replacing the battery of your phone due to overcharging. Aside from that, the risk of an accident due to forgotten plugged gadgets will be lessened with the Vority DUO34AC’s over current, over voltage and short-circuit protection.

This dual USB wall charger has two ports. Each port is placed a few millimeters from one another to avoid unplugging the wrong cord accidentally, and they are marked with the allowable amperes (current) that they can handle. In total this charger has a power source of 3.4 amperes. That being the case, one would not find it difficult to find which port is for what gadget. This ensures two gadgets (a combination of phones, tablets, ipads, ipod, MP3 and cameras) can be recharged at the same time. And since there is no power sharing, this makes sure that charging two gadgets would not take longer than usual.

The iPad 3 and lower tablet models require at least 2.1 amperes of current for efficient charging. On the other hand, the new iPad 4 and the iPad air require 2.4 amperes, which cannot be provided by other third party chargers. Port 1 of the Vority DUO34AC ipad and iphone wall charger can accommodate at most 2.4 amperes (enough to recharge your iPad Air), while Port 2 can accommodate 1.0 amperes of current perfect for a mobile or smart phone or a small MP3 player, a digital camera or a power bank.

One only needs to provide the original power cord that came with the device (or from a reputable retailer) whose socket/plug will be attached to the Vority DUO34AC power adapter. This means any gadget you have, be it Apple, Samsung, Motorola or Blackberry can use this wall charger. If you’re not sure, check your gadget’s manual. Any device with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 can use this power adapter.

This dual USB wall charger can be plugged to a 100-240 Volts AC. Once plugged in the LED indicator will light up, this is to confirm that the device is properly connected to the charger. Once the phone or tablet is fully charged, the LED light will turn off; this means the charger has automatically shut off.

And since the Vority Dual USB Wall Charger is available at, it also comes with a standard 2-year warranty from the company, making sure that in case it malfunctions (which is quite doubtful) your hard earned money will not go to waste.

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