An Oasis in the Desert Vority DualWall USB Charger

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Have you ever tried doing something very important on your device then suddenly, it runs out of battery? You run to the nearest charger as if it was an oasis in a hot vast desert but once you plug it in, it takes so long to charge. Isn't that the worst feeling ever? Once and for all, our dilemmas about slow charging speeds have been solved! The best dual USB wall charger will surely change your life! It is created with two USB ports so that one can charge two devices simultaneously. No need to use individual chargers for each device when you can charge them both in one amazing charger! Talk about a great innovation.

Say goodbye to the annoying octopus connections in your home! This charger is designed to fit into small spaces so that it will not block any other sockets. The fact that it is two chargers in one, it greatly decreases the things plugged to your wall socket. It is very space efficient not only in your homes but even where you are traveling. Its light and small design makes it easy to put in your bag with no extra hassle. That's not all! The plugs are foldable so that it does not punch holes in your bag. It may even lessen the chance of scratching your other things.

Have you tried plugging in your charger then left, but when you checked after a long time, you realized it did not charge at all? You will not experience that in the iPhone USB dual wall charger because a comfy blue LED light is installed on the charger to indicate whether the devices has started charging or not.

The key feature about the Vority dual USB wall charger is its speed. This dual USB wall charger has an extraordinary speed that no other chargers can surpass. This incredible feature is due to the 2.4 Amps USB port that can charge your device at a very high speed. This most especially caters to the iPad4 and the iPad air. Tablets and older iPads require at least 2.1 amps. The other USB port is designed at 1 amp which is great for the smaller devices like the smart phones. Any brand is compatible with this charger, may it be Apple or samsung, the Vority dual USB wall charger can charge them all.

This charger is not only compatible with phones but also with cameras, PSPs, iPods and almost all devices in the market. All you have to do is plug the USB cable and you're good to go!

Another imprassive feature about this device is its anti-short circuit feature. This charger will instantly shut down when your device is charged to full. This will protect your device or even your homes from accidents.

The Vority dual wall charger is time and space efficient. It is charger innovation at its finest! It's fast, it's safe and it's handy! The Vority dual USB wall charger has got it all!

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