An Excellent Dual USB Wall Charger

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In this day and age, it’s impossible to find everything in one place, regardless of how many brands out there force that ‘everything you’ll ever need’ marketing slogan to their products. It’s a sad truth, but definitely not something we can’t work with.

Unlike other USB wall chargers brands, Vority’s own creation is made of high grade materials; helping this compact, yet stylish gadget withstand even the harshest of conditions – extreme temperatures, accidental falls, inevitable bag crunches, and the like. The Vority dual USB charger feels solid in the hands and is definitely not plasticky at all.

Just like with our electronic gadgets. Despite having a capable and updated smartphone, certainly it still can’t conveniently help people with all their office duties. On the other hand, a laptop might still be too baggy to just bring around. Tablets are limited to swiping, and no one simply swipes documents to get things done. Whether they like it or not, people need more than just one gadget.

Luckily, the burden of having multiple gadgets is somehow alleviated by powerful accessories, making our lives a bit easier. One powerful accessory would be the Vority gadgets wall usb charger.

The dual USB wall charger has a second port that’s capped at 1 amp, where one can charge virtually anything without the worries of affecting the charging progress in the other port. Yes, that’s right – no power sharing between the two ports. Rest assured that the two plugged-in devices will be charged at their fullest speeds, and without interruption!

Certainly, having a dual USB wall charger solves two things instantly – the need to find two empty ports (which is a common problem in public places like coffee shops and libraries), and the time to somehow significantly charge both or either of the gadgets (since charging one by one is naturally time-consuming.) In addition, bringing only one charging accessory like the Vority wall charger lessens the chance of getting scratches on the other things inside your bag. Carefully placing each item in one’s bag, especially for on-the-go women, isn’t a priority. Although scratches might be inevitable, the stylish design of the Vority dual USB wall charger may compensate for it.

How can this wall charger help one with his numerous gadgets? The Vority iphone usb dual wall charger has two powerful ports – one that’s capped at 2.4 amps, intended for the efficient charging of the newer generation of handheld devices, like the much talked-about Apple iPad 4 and iPad Air. The primary port can also power up previous generations of gadgets like the iPad 3 (regularly charged at 2.1 amps) and others.

Also, charging through a dual USB charger will definitely benefit those who have a habit of charging through their laptops. As much as it is tempting to do so, people have to keep in mind that they are also getting energy from something that’s running on batteries.

Alas, if the reasons above aren’t enough, the Vority Dual USB Wall Charger doesn’t just come off as two chargers priced as one, but it also is much, much cheaper than the others.

No other dual USB wall charger comes close.

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